Leon Commissioners “Okay” Fallschase Plan

The Leon County Commission gave a thumbs-up to development plans in Fallschase after more than 30 years of delays, debate and financial setbacks. Folks in the neighborhood are anxious to see how those houses, offices and shops will impact their lives.

"We have dogwoods, confederate rose."

Bill Yates has lived on Buck Lake Road for more than 25 years and has seen a lot of new development out here.

Bill says, “People have a right to invest and develop as they see fit so long as it doesn't affect me a whole lot."

With Fallschase going in right up the road he worries about traffic and storm water and wildlife, but he's not passing any judgments yet.

Bill says, "We're really concerned about how it will impact us, but we're out at a point of wait and see."

Now that the Leon County Commission has given development plans for Fallschase a thumbs-up there will be more than 1,500 homes built here along with 785,000 square feet of office and commercial space.

The vote comes after the county and developer AIG Baker brokered a compromise.

Bill Proctor, Leon Commission Chairman, says, "As you know this was a long and arduous odyssey and we have finally brought it to a conclusion. I'm pleased with the commission's support."

AIG Baker Attorney Rick Bateman called the vote "well reasoned and studied" but Commissioner Bob Rackleff, who voted against the deal, says it was anything but, and he's sure it'll wind up in court.

Bob Rackleff, Leon County Commissioner, says, "It violates our comprehensive plan, it violates state law, it violates all our environmental codes."

We tried to reach AIG Baker Vice President Ron Carlton to find out a possible timetable for permitting and construction, but to no avail.