Welders in Need

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Some Georgia businesses say they're having a hard time finding employees, but now a local college is stepping up to help.

The Cives Steel Company has a plant in Thomas County that employs 120 people, but a company spokesperson says they have a need for welders as do other companies in the area.

Sue Wilson, Human Resources Manager for Cives Steel Company, says, "A lot of people think when you pick up a welding gun that you can go get a position as a welder. You can't. You have to be trained for it."

While local companies say there is a need for welders in the industry, these workers must be trained, and that's where one local technical college is stepping up to help them fill this need.

Sonny Scully, a welding instructor at Southwest Georgia Technical College, says, "That's where we have the key with industry. We can get you in the door. You provide the time, effort and resources to come down here and spend what's necessary to learn this trade, and there's a job waiting."

To answer the growing demand for welders, Southwest Georgia Technical College has doubled the size of its welding shop adding 23 new booths and 18 new machines. The instructor says their goal is to recruit students and help local employers find welders in the community.

Southwest Georgia Technical College will hold an open house for its welding program Tuesday at 6 p.m. Four local companies will be there talking to potential welders about the profession.