Hospitals Battle Germs on Visitors

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Another cold, rainy day has moved through our area, causing or furthering plenty of colds and other health problems.

That's when many people come to South Georgia Medical Center for help. Now, hospital officials are asking everyone to use hand sanitizer whenever they come or go.

Brenda Daniel, Infection Control Director, says, "We think that by doing this and educating people, that this will become a natural instinct, that we people enter the hospital they will want to decontaminate and when they leave the hospital they will want to decontaminate."

The machine uses a sensor to activate the dispenser, meaning you don't have to touch anything to get the hand cleaner where it needs to be.

Hospital visitors say they're very pleased to see this unit placed by the front door. It's very easy to use, but more importantly, visitors say it helps put them at ease about containing the amount of germs they either bring into the hospital or take home with them.

Mary Cole says, "For the last few days I've been coming here pretty regularly because my mother is here, and I've been very concerned about the germs, so I wash my hands going in and I wash them coming out."

Health experts at the hospital say more people could protect themselves from dangerous germs by simply taking a moment and cleaning their hands anytime they come and go.

The hand cleansing program will cost the hospital several thousands of dollars, but it should help prevent millions of dollars in health problems caused by the spread of germs.