Smart Boards in Gadsden County

Fourth grade students at George W. Munroe Elementary have added two new words to their vocabulary, Smart Boards.

This interactive board is just another tool Gadsden County School officials are using to make learning fun in the rural community.

"The students just become so much excited about it and because they're watching the smart board you bring up a new thing. They get excited about it and it just gets them entranced in what they're doing."

And so far what these students have been doing is increasing their grades.

"Sometimes in math I don't like using computers because I mess up a lot, but now Smart Board is here, and it's easier to do mathematics on it."

"I used to get Fs and Ds; now I'm making As and Bs."

The Smart Board is a hands-on device that's helping kids with an array of subjects, from math to spelling and geography. Teachers are hoping this new tool will help map out these children's future of excellence in academics.

School officials are purchasing more Smart Boards to make learning, fun, and exciting, hoping to take these kids to the next level. Teachers are hoping the district will be able to get smart boards in all the classrooms in the near future.