Students Pledge Not to Drink and Drive

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Students of Florida State University make a commitment to not drink and drive by signing a paper cutout tree.

"Our motto is ‘trees only hit cars in self defense, so save a tree and don't drink and drive.’ We're trying to be a little more creative than the usual message. People are responding to it. We just hope it works," says Dan Moore, an educator with FSU's Thagard Student Health Center.

The goal is to have 1,000 trees placed on FSU's campus at the end of the week all in recognition of Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month.

"Even if people sign the tree half thinking about it, they've signed something. It's a commitment, and it gets them thinking about it," says student Adam Emling.

"We're not the party police, but we do want people to be responsible, so by doing this it does break that party reputation we may have," says volunteer Tabitha Krol.

It's reported an alcohol related crash kills someone in this country every 31 minutes. Volunteers believe written commitments like DUI checkpoints and other measures help in getting that point across.

Volunteer Mariette Brinker says, "We're getting a lot more attention with the trees. Hopefully as it goes on we'll get more ideas and more people will sign."

Moore adds, "44 or 43 percent of students on campus, at least once, did drink and drive within the last year."

That's why volunteers hope each signature is a life saved. On Friday the signed trees will be displayed on Landis Green in front of FSU's Strozier Library.