Poinsettia Varieties Galore

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The poinsettia may seem like a traditional Christmas decoration, but every year these red leafed plants are changing and growing in popularity.

Garden experts say there are now at least six varieties of poinsettias, not just white, red and pink but speckled, white with pink, burgundy, and next year, expect to see gold.

And to answer the question asked every year, poinsettias are not poisonous. Nursery owner Ralph Esposito says, "Sometimes what they're sprayed with might be toxic but by the time a homeowner would have a poinsettia in their hand the spray has worn off. They're not poisonous. If your dog eats a branch you don't really have to worry."

And don't expect the varieties to stop. Esposito says we can also look forward to scented poinsettias in 2006, from gingerbread and cinnamon to peppermint.