Victorian Christmas Brings Big Money to the Rose City

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For shop owners in downtown Thomasville, Victorian Christmas means big business.

"We will have fantastic sales, but it also continues on because a lot of people look and then they come back, you know, they look and see something they like, but don't want to fool with it that night so they come back."

And after all that shopping, event-goers will need a place to rest their heads. And while some visitors are only staying for the weekend, others are to planning to stay longer.

"We're very busy during Victorian Christmas. We have a lot of people coming into town to go to Victorian Christmas as well as to look at homes and potentially move into our area."

And at Thomasville’s Mainstreet Office, where last-minute preparations were underway early Thursday, organizers say Victorian Christmas and economic gains go hand-in-hand.

"This is really the prettiest time of year. Our Rose Festival is wonderful, but Victorian Christmas is definitely the time that we like to show off. The lights are twinkling, everybody's in a jolly mood and shopping and spending lots of money, which is what we like."

Victorian Christmas gets underway Thursday night at 6:30 and again Friday at 6 p.m.