Teen Report: Teen Nail Technician

Many people think that only adults can be entrepreneurs, but a student from Lawton Chiles High School shows that's not true.

"I have been doing nails for about a year and a half now."

Most students in high school are usually working at fast food burger joints, or even a pizza place but high school senior Vanessa Fortune says she would rather do nails.

"Well when I was younger my aunt use to do nails and I like to design my own nails so I got the opportunity from some people I use to get my nails done from and they told me that I should go to school and get my license and actually I liked it, I never thought that I would be doing nails but I like it a lot."

Vanessa's clients say she's the best for more reasons than one.

"Well I come to Vanessa because her prices are a lot cheaper and I can afford them. And she's qualified to do the job just as well as the other people in Tallahassee are."

Vanessa says that while she likes to do nails, she has plans to be a journalist in the future, and doing nails will be one way to help pay for college.

Vanessa also works at a day spa. She will graduate from Chiles this May.