Hearing Scheduled to Vote on Leon County Development

There will be a public hearing first so people can comment on some changes made by the developer.

An attorney representing the developer, AIG Baker, says they addressed some resident concerns, decreasing the square footage of commercial and office space and taking some of the homes off the lake bottom.

The Buck Lake Alliance signed an agreement with the developer last week after it made those changes.

John Dew, the president of Buck Lake Alliance, says, "They at least came in our direction and resolved many of the problems, so it's a good agreement compared to what it was during the first public meeting."

Bob Rackleff, Leon County Commissioner, says, "It's marginally better, but it still
violates every major element of our comprehensive plan from storm water and lake protection to open space requirements and traffic impacts."

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the Leon County commission chambers. A vote will follow.