Sexual Offender Caught

The more than two-month-long search for a missing sexual offender ends.

Don R. Becker has finally been caught and is behind bars. The Taylor County Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Corrections had been looking for the
33-year-old registered sex offender since late September.

Becker left the area without leaving a forwarding address as is required by Florida law.

Timothy Murphy, a corrections officer in Taylor County, says, "He said he failed the urine test, so he absconded, tried to go as far away from the state as he could. He got down there in about a week and was picked up."

"Donald Becker was tracked down by Monroe County authorities in Key West, Florida last week and was transported back to the Taylor County Jail.

INV Donna Lee says Becker was registered at 1141 Billy Dice Road with registered sex offender Daniel Young, and that's how Becker was discovered missing.

INV Donna Lee with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office says, "Daniel Young was also a person that was missing, absconded from registration. They both lived at the same address. Young has been since located. When I went to look for Young, Becker wasn't there as well."

INV Lee says it is those unannounced visits that keep sexual offenders in check.

With Young and Becker both found, all 53 sexual offenders and predators registered in Taylor County are accounted for.