Possible Tornado Touches Down, Damages Homes in Crawfordville

The storm came hard and fast, damaging at least 25 homes. Tully Taff didn't see what toppled a tree onto his home, but he heard it.

Tully says, "We was over here working on a truck in the garage and I heard a lot of noise and it sounded like a freight train."

Whatever it was, Taff watched it head straight for his home.

Taff says, "My daddy was in the house. We though he was in there, but he's safe. Everybody's safe just a lot of damage."

The possible tornado damaged five homes in this area just west of the Wakulla County Courthouse. Authorities say the storm first popped up in western Wakulla County around noon.

CAPT Jim Griner with the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says, "It looks like it skipped through the county heading northeast. It went through pretty quick."

It touched down in parts of Crawfordville, leaving pockets of damage and residents counting their blessings.

Amanda Chason, an eyewitness, says, "It was big old twister. It had debris all in it. It hard car parts, it had doors. It was unreal. It just whipped by my house, blew the top of my boat off."

The storm blew the roofs off several mobile homes. One trailer now sits on its side. The storm left behind plenty of mess to clean up, but so far no injuries and no deaths.

Griner adds, "Nobody hurt. We're real thankful for that."

Taff feels the same way, despite the loss of his nearly 100-year-old home.

Taff says, "We just gonna put some plastic over it and hope for the best."

They hope they'll never see something like this again. Many homes in Wakulla County lost power because of the storm, but as of Monday evening the power began to return.