Recycle Your Old Phone Book!

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Every year about this time, millions of phone books are delivered to homes and businesses across the country. That means millions of old, and now out of date phone books are thrown out.

But two Leon County elementary school teachers and their students have a message before you toss that old phone book in the garbage.

"We would love any phone book you can bring our way," says Gilchrist Elementary teacher Kay Crowell.

Two teachers, one from Gilchrist and the other from Sabal Palm, have a friendly competition going on, and are gathering old phone books with the help of their students.

Christine Thorton, the teacher from Sabal Palm, says, "We just need phone books, lots of phone books! We've got a huge recycle bin! But it's a win-win situation because we're going to get grant money for it and we just need everybody's help!"

The competition is being sponsored by R.H. Donnelley, the printer of the Sprint phone book. The winner will receive a $3,500 grant, and the runner-up gets a $1,500 grant.

"It will be putting money into the hands of children and going home with them, so it's all literacy based," says Thornton.

Crowell adds, "No matter what, we will have saved trees. We've taught students many lessons with the environment, community spirit. We can't lose."

So if you have a phone book that you're thinking of just throwing it out, students want you to think about them. You can drop off your old phone book at either Sabal Palm or Gilchrist Elementary Schools.

The competition ends December 16.