Interactive Classroom

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A local high school classroom gets a modern update. The science classroom is equipped with more than test tubes and thermometers.

Teacher Danny Becton says, "We got the basic set which is a Smart Board and the projector and the student response systems."

Becton is talking about the new technology he uses in his classroom. It’s all a part of a state funded project called 21st Century Learning Environment.

Becton says, "The technology, like the Smart Board, is for presenting the material. We also have a Web page to where if they're out of class they can go back on the Web page and see what they've missed."

With the student response system, each student has a remote control. During a lesson the teacher can ask questions and the students can immediately see whether their answers are correct.

Teachers say this allows them to recognize where students are having difficulties. Students say they enjoy using the technology.

Student Celia Smith says, "I think we actually get more into it because we're not having to write the notes. We're able to get the visual."

Several students hope to see this technology in more and more of their classes.

Student Taylor Naros adds, "It would be beneficial for more science and math classes."

Teachers at Lowndes High School hope to get four or five more 21st century classrooms.

Other schools in Georgia are participating in this project. The technology is also used in middle school math classes and elementary school English classes.