Safe Riding This Holiday

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‘Tis the season to eat, drink and be merry, but law enforcement officers and AAA say there's nothing merry about drinking and driving.

"Because of the time of the season people are happy and out celebrating. It is phenomenal with the number of people who drink and drive," said AAA Auto Club South Assistant Division Manager Brenda Smith.

This year alone, officers have seen at least five alcohol related fatalities in Tallahassee.

"We're not saying don't go out and drink and enjoy the holidays. We're saying don't drive," said Florida Highway Patrol LT John Bagnardi

Officers say in the majority of fatal crashes victims weren't even wearing a seat belt.

"Any snapshot picture of any trend shows that non seat belt use continues to be a leading cause of serious injury or death," said Bagnardi.

Law enforcement officers are teaming up with AAA, Yellow Cab and Anhueser-Busch to offer free rides during the holidays.

"These programs provide a safety net so anyone who makes a poor decision and drinks too much doesn't make a second poor decision and get in the car and attempt to drive home," said Tri-Eagle Sales Community Affairs Director Kristen Black.

Whether you're going out tonight or waiting until New Year's, now is an ideal time to come up with a plan on who'll be the designated driver.