Girl Talk in Gadsden County

Carolyn King is a former drug user who's using her life story to help change the lives of young women, hoping her new love of speaking would help others avoid pitfalls.

Carolyn King, a motivational speaker, says, "I was there, I was 14, 15, 17, 17 on drugs, promiscuous disrespectful, rebellious, uneducated, didn't care about anyone else, so I don't want that to happen to our young girls."

King's story seemed to resonate with the girls who decided to share their stories of pain and triumph.

Jennifer Lawson, a senior at East Gadsden, says, "I'm 20 years old. I dropped out of school. Now I'm back in and I'm very proud of myself for doing that. I don't have to live through my mistakes again."

Ashley Williams added "I used to do drugs. I went to counseling and I've changed my life around and I have plans to attend college."

King's emotional testimony isn't falling on deaf ears. It's now prompting some students to make positive decisions.

Shandericka Holloman, a ninth grade student, says, "To be honest, I was planning on dropping out of school, but now I guess I'll keep going."

King's hoping by sharing her life's story she'll continue to empower young women and help them to make a commitment to change their lives for the better.

"Girl Talk" is part of the superintendent's initiative to encourage students to stay positive and focus on their academics.