DuPont Murder Solved in Havana

Florida Department of Law Enforcement officials arrest two men in connection with the murder of a Havana woman.

In August 2002, Havana police were called to the shooting death of 29-year-old Constance DuPont at her home on North Main Street. Neighbors reported hearing gunshots fired early that morning.

FDLE has been working the case and now two men are being charged for the crime.

Phil Kiracofe, the public information officer, says, "We've obviously been talking to a lot of people. I can't be specific about the case, and we had some breaks we needed in it."

The two men charged are Hernandez Lopaz Daniles, currently serving a life sentence in federal prison, and his accomplice, Fernando Ramon Taylor, who is currently in the Gadsden County Jail charged with home invasion robbery.