Two Women Raped at Same Complex

Two young women are raped at gunpoint Friday morning in the same Tallahassee apartment complex. The women were raped within hours of each other in different apartments, and authorities say the same man may be to blame for both of them.

By sun up two women at the High Park Village apartments on High Road had been raped by an intruder. Both live in ground floor apartments and were threatened at gunpoint.

LT Ken Bergstrom with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "He was armed with a pistol, he confronted the victim inside with the pistol, he made some threats and then sexually assaulted her."

Tallahassee police responded to that rape call at 6 a.m. just as Leon County deputies responded to another rape in the same complex. Police aren't sure yet if the two are linked but deputies say the victims' descriptions of the rapist are uncannily similar.

SGT Chris Chase with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "We do believe this is a related incident."

"So is the scenario unfolding that there were back to back rapes in the same complex by the same man?"

"It does appear that is the case," he adds.

Here's how victims describe the rapist: a young black man with a light complexion, tall 6'3" or 6'4." He had what sounded like a New York accent and discolored teeth. He was wearing dark sweat pants, possibly a red shirt and a backward ball cap.

Angela Drzewiecki, who lives across the street, says, "It is really close, and like I said, it does scare me. I'm not sure. It scares me even more that they haven't found the guy."

Neighbor Angela Drzeweicki saw the police cars but never imagined something like this.

This young woman lives in the High Park complex. She's stunned and furious and didn't even know about the attack until we told her.

Lissette Cabellero, who lives at High Point, says, "If it's one person doing it consecutively, or hell, if it's one person who did it for the first time ever, they need to be caught and held accountable. How can you do that to someone?"

High Park property manager Wanda Monk posted flyers on apartment doors Friday afternoon to warn residents of the attack.

Tallahassee police and Leon County sheriff's deputies are working together to try to catch the rapist. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at 891-HELP.

They say residents of this complex and any other need to be especially aware of their surroundings and lock their windows and doors.