Christmas Connection Family Profile

There are more than 800 financially struggling families counting on the Christmas Connection for a brighter holiday, and the family we feature here is trying to make a fresh start after fleeing domestic violence.

This family of five in Havana has just left the Refuge House. This mother of four children age 3 to 15 is working, but minimum wage doesn't leave much for presents.

Her children need uniforms for school and her youngest one needs boys clothes in a size 6. They need bed linens of all sizes.

The 15-year-old daughter would like a portable CD player, they'd all like bikes, and the family needs food for a holiday meal.

This is case #60.

If you can help this family or any other, please call the Christmas Connection at 575-1500, or drop by the donation center at 1000 West Tharpe Street Saturday from 9 to 5, or weekdays noon to 6.