Tornado Damaged Homes

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"I heard the wind start blowing, awfullest noise I ever heard. I mean, words can't explain it hardly," says James Stallvey.

But Stallvey does try to explain the incredible force of nature that literally blew right through his house.

Stallvey says, "Well, that must be a tornado, so I just ran to the hallway and laid down on the floor."

Stallvey says the ruckus lasted only a couple minutes.

After the storm blew through, Stallvey came out to inspect the damage and found what is just the beginning of a long trail of devastation.

Stallvey says, "When I stepped outside, I was sick! I mean, everything was just a disaster."

Not too far behind Stallvey's house, you can see more of the damage caused by this tornado.

Alan Bennet says, "It's unbelievable, looking at how much it's torn up and how much wind velocity and power. It's just amazing."

Bennet owns the Benwood blueberry packing plant and he says he's lost nearly $100,000 to this storm. Across the road, the tornado blew his brother's house nearly three feet off its foundation.

Clinch County's emergency director says as far as the county's response, he's pleased.

Emergency Center Director Jesse Booth, says, "The only thing any better would have been for the tornado not to come here."

Stallvey says, "Today I do thank God that I'm still here because, I mean, I could've died."

Bennet and his family feel the same. The National Weather Service confirmed that it was in fact an F2 tornado that hit Clinch County.