Help Needed for National Guard Families

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Many of us could use a little extra support during the stressful holiday season. That includes our military members currently serving overseas.

Saying good-bye to a loved one being sent overseas to serve the United States is difficult beyond description for most folks, but months after the last hugs are given, a new round of stress arrives.

Tinie Stringfield, National Guard Family Assistance Coordinator, says, "It kind of dampers your spirit, and my husband says that not the kind of person you are, you enjoy everything Christmas, but it's really hard to deal with being happy during this time of year when your loved one is overseas."

That's when the Georgia National Guard's Family Support Foundation steps in and collects everything from money to gifts to food, all to help the families left behind cope with the holidays.

State Sen. Tim Golden continues to be very supportive of this measure, saying this is the best way for Georgians to come out and support the military men and women and their families during this season.

Sen. Tim Golden, (D) Valdosta, says, "There are men and women overseas that are missing their families during this season, during Christmas. The least we can do is if we don't go (to serve overseas) we can give, and by giving we're supporting them and saying thank-you for your sacrifices and what you're doing."

Stringfield adds, "You can make any kind of donation, or just give your time. Let them know that you care about them."

It’s a simple gesture which could really help a local military family this season.