Wakulla County Residents Survey Damage

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Wakulla County is picking up the pieces. From downed trees to gutted homes, Monday's tornado left an emotional mark. The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says three neighborhoods fell victim to the tornado.

In all, 33 homes and one church were damaged or destroyed, and even with no deaths or injuries to report, many tears are still flowing strong.

"We used to sit out here and just look at the pine trees."

But now Debra and her husband have lost the very thing they moved here for.

Debra says, "I love this place. Just losing the oaks and all that, they won't grow back."

More than two dozen Wakulla County families are feeling the same loss for their land, their home, and even their church. Monday's twister left a trail of destruction.

Bryan Maness, Pastor at Ivan Assembly of God, says, "I came to parsonage, got our children out and came to the church to try and weather it out."

Pastor Maness says it all happened within 30 seconds, but it could take months to rebuild. The hardest hit was the parsonage, the pastor's home.

"We have extensive damage. The church has been here since the early 40s, so we'll continue on."

They’ll continue on with hopes that mother nature doesn't strike again.

Joe Blanchard, Wakulla County Emergency Manager, says, "We've had tornadoes, hurricanes, even when it got dry we had a few wildfires."

It's been a rough year, one many are anxious to see end.