Fish and Wildlife Officers Arrest Illegal Hunter

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Florida Fish and Wildlife officers set up a deer replica to catch illegal hunters. It's a remote controlled deer that wags and twitches on command.

"We normally make it move and act like a live deer moves its head," said Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer Dale Wilcox.

Once the decoy is in place, the team hides in a remote location.

"This is a county road, so if they shoot off that it’s illegal. It's private property, so they'll be trespassing."

A vehicle slows down in pursuit of the deer, takes a good look, even honks, but drives off.

"He found out it probably wasn't a real deer and there's probably a game warden watching, and that's when he went down the road."

Then another truck slows and stops, this time the driver rolls down the window and attempts a shot. Then Officer Wilcox jumps out of the bushes and tells the gamer to drop his gun.

Thirty-five-year-old Michael Newton admits to officers he shot a deer in the same area this weekend. He also faces drug charges, trespassing on private property and hunting during the off season. He is arrested.

As the culprit is taken off to jail, the robo deer is brought in. Although punctured, the buck still has another shot at nabbing more poachers.