College Students Get Ready for Break

There are just a couple more weeks until Christmas, and for many college students it means heading out of town. For those sticking around, is there really anything for them to do around here?

College campuses will be closing soon for the holiday season, but it may not be too much of a break for some.

If you're like Katie, you'll be working. Katie says last year she had to work through the holidays, and this year she'll only get to visit her family in Tampa for Christmas Day.

Katie Seymore says, "I'm usually here by myself. Generally, if people stay, they work. I don't know of anything else they would do in Tallahassee if they don't have a job."

As soon as the semester ends, most students say they get out of dodge, leaving college campuses and the city looking like a ghost town.

Sabrina Newton, a FAMU student going home to Orlando says, "I might just stay maybe one day after. Take a little break after finals so I can be fresh on the road. It'll probably be that Friday night or Saturday morning when I'm done."

Monique Gillum with the FAMU Student Government Association says, "It's not going to be as live as it normally would be because of the three different colleges here. I'm sure Tallahassee will be doing some type of tree lighting ceremony or something like that."

There aren't any known campus-related activities scheduled during the holiday break, so if you're not going out of town, Monique suggests, "Find friends whose families have cooked."

Or get a job!