Man Claims He's Found the World's Purest Water

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For the past two decades Richard Chandler has been drinking water from a very unique source. He calls himself a spring water enthusiast and built a house around a spring.

"I truly believe this is the fountain of youth here. I haven't found anything that's better in my research no where in the world."

Aside from drinking the water, he also bathes in it. Chandler says it all started years ago when he didn't like the taste of the water he was drinking.

"I said in my mind I'll just buy my own spring and that became a burning desire up to this day to own my own spring."

A stream of fresh water flows through the spring house just like in the colonial days when farmers used it to keep their milk, eggs and cheese cold.

To share his passion for purity, he's created an exhibit at the Leon County Public Library.

"We usually look for something that is unique and has some interest to the community. This exhibit certainly fits that, so it's been well received," said Library Public Services Manager Mary Jo Peltier.

Chandler says he wants everyone to know this is one of Florida's treasures.

"That's the crown jewel of it with water being so polluted wherever you get it. It's rare to walk up to a spring today and be able to take in the water as such."

Chandler drinks soft water in his spring house hoping his life will flow with purity and longevity. The spring house exhibit will be on display at the Public Library throughout the rest of the year.