New Georgia Law Having Some Unforeseen Side Effects

A new law that went into affect the first of the year requires Georgia drivers to present their social security numbers before being issued a drivers license.

It was meant to help officials crack down on deadbeat parents, but as Eyewitness News reports, it may be unintentionally cracking down on some residents' ability to drive.

A native of Ireland, David Joyce is legally attending school in the united states, but one thing he may not be able to do legally in Georgia is drive a car.

"Now, with another restriction not having a social security number and not being allowed to get a drivers license because we don’t' have a social security number is just making it harder for us,” says Joyce.

Georgia's Department of Motor Vehicle Safety told WCTV Monday, "It’s the agency's job to implement the laws as they are made," however, Georgia DMVS officials say they are discussions on the matter.

In fact, a bill was recently introduced in the Georgia House that would require those not eligible to receive a social security number to provide legal authorization from instead.

But some residents say the law is fair enough. And, until legislation is passed, the Georgia DMVS says it will continue to enforce the law as it was passed.

All Georgia drivers are currently required to provide their correct social security numbers, DMV officials say even one

Number off can cause several problems for a driver.