Crime Stoppers: ATM Scam on Hurricane Victims

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As if Hurricane Katrina victims didn't have it tough enough, now members of a Louisiana based Credit Union get scammed and the scammers make unauthorized withdrawals from banks in Tallahassee.

The Web page for the Neighbors Federal Credit Union now has a warning telling customers to beware of an e-mail asking them to update their account information.

The problem is, the warning came too late for some hurricane victims who gave out their personal information to some bad guys.

Crime Stoppers has video of the crooks making in illegal withdrawals with ATM cards they manufactured using the info they got hijacking the Credit Union Web site.

Crime Stoppers spokeswoman Cathy Gardner says, "They made ATM cards and withdrew thousands of dollars. In Tallahassee alone they withdrew more than $20,000 at several different locations using ATM cards."

Not only in Florida, but Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Canada. If you recognize the men, call Crime Stoppers at 850-891-HELP. You could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.