FSU Capital Campaign Is a Success

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FSU President T.K. Wetherell announced Tuesday the results of the largest fundraising effort in the university's history.

The university's capital campaign has paid off to the tune of more than $600 million. The campaign started back in 2000 when then former President Sandy D'Alemberte was at the helm.

"Back when we announced the original goal we had no idea that there was going to be a tsunami, or that Florida was going to be hit by so many hurricanes. We had no idea 9/11 was coming along," says D'Alemberte.

The goal of the campaign was to provide resources for building projects, professorships and student scholarships.

"It shows the generosity of Floridians. Those currently living in Florida and those who care about education and care about FSU, and about programs they want to see started or go on at FSU," says Lynda Keever, chair of the FSU Foundation.

Money raised will help FSU move closer to becoming a member of the American Association of Universities, an elite group of universities, each with a heavy focus on research.

"We believe for Florida State, for the place we are at this point in time, this is a great accomplishment, and we are going to brag about it a little bit. We are proud of it," says Wetherell.

The FSU Capital Campaign ends December 31. Since the program's inception, the campaign has had close to $70,000.