Sheriff Speaks on Deputy's Shooting

The Hamilton County sheriff says he supports his deputy who shot and killed a suspect over the weekend.

Sheriff Harrell Reid says from the evidence he's seen, his deputy, Bobby Boatwright, did the correct thing to save the lives of a mother and child being held hostage.

The sheriff says 27-year-old Javar Whetstone was armed and holding a woman and her son hostage when the deputy arrived at the North Florida Inn early Sunday.

The sheriff says DEP Boatwright had no other choice because Whetstone pulled a gun.

Sheriff Harrell Reid says, "I think when the facts come out and this whole investigation is complete, the community will understand. I feel for the victim's family. I feel deeply, but under the circumstances, I think our officer was totally justified in his actions."

Even though Sheriff Reid feels Boatwright was justified shooting Whetstone, the deputy will remain on paid administrative leave until an FDLE investigation is completed and the case presented to a grand jury.