Computer Glitch Awards Custodial Parents on Child Support Duplicate Checks

18,000 custodial parents who receive child support collected by the Department of Revenue were treated to double payments this month. They received two checks.

The private company that handles those accounts says it was a computer problem and they want the duplicates returned.

Rick Karlson with Affiliated Computer Services says, "We notified all the custodial parents of the problem. We’ve asked them and given them a phone number of where to call if they receive a second check so we can reimburse them for any fees they may have. Obviously, we need them to return the checks."
18,774 duplicates were issued on December 2. The total value was $3.2 million. Karlson says his firm made the error, so they’ll be picking up the tab for bounced check fees.

For information, call the Florida Department of Revenue at 877-769-0251.