Closing Church on Christmas?

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Canopy Roads Baptist Church is decorated for Christmas, but come that Sunday the church will be closed. It's something a lot of pastors around the country are doing because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year.

"On Christmas Day we're not gonna' have regular church services because our families will have been out here till late in the night on Christmas Eve, and we want them to spend time with their families," said Pastor Hall.

While some churches are closing its doors, others like Capital City Christian Church will stay open. Pastor Tom Underwood says even if they don't have a packed house, he still wants the community to have a place to pray.

"If we were to cancel Sunday services there would be a reaction from that and to be honest that's something we didn't even consider in every minute of my mind that we would not have services on the day of which we are celebrating our savior's birth."

Some critics say congregations closing on Christmas are conforming to secular culture, but Pastor Hall says you don't need a church to pray.

"You don't have to come to the church house to worship. We want to encourage them to pray, worship and celebrate the birth of Christ at home."

Going to church or not, Christians around the world will still celebrate Christmas on December 25. Check with your local church for service schedules and times.