Bikes or Bust

A Tallahassee DJ sure picked a cold night to sleep in the great outdoors! But he's braving the near freezing temperatures to make sure some Tallahassee youngsters have a cool Christmas.

Hot 104.9's Mo Bounce is spending the night on a crane outside the Tallahassee Mall. In fact, he's staying up there until generous folks stop by, say hi and drop off 104 new bicycles.

Brian O'Conner, Hot 104.9 program director, says, "It's called Bikes or Bust 2005 and this is our third year doing this. We've got him up there until we raise 104 bikes, whether it takes two to five days. I know he's kind of counting on getting it done today, but (laughs)..."

All the bikes, big and small, are bound for Cops for Kids, which delivers them to needy kids in the Tallahassee area.