"The Nutcracker" Is Teaching Students About Performing Arts

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Teachers say the fine arts are vital to a child's education, but some schools just don't have the resources available for these kinds of classes. That's where the South Georgia Ballet comes in.

"They get a taste of a live performance of a classical ballet."

Organizers say through grants the outreach program offers students from seven counties in south Georgia and north Florida a chance to experience the performing arts.

Julia Singletary with the Parent's Association for the South Georgia Ballet says, "It's very important for our population to have the opportunity to see performing arts, whether it be theater, art or music, and so this is a wonderful part of their cultural education."

Kids of all ages made up the audience and teachers say watching a live performance goes hand-in-hand with some of the lessons the kids are learning in school.

Harold Singletary, a teacher at Thomas County Middle School, says, "This is a wonderful example to let he children come and see how we've taken a story that was in writing and put it to music, dance and movement, and show them how fine arts can express what they read about."

Organizers say more than 2,000 kids have come through the doors of the theater and experienced The Nutcracker, and though it's only one performance, it exposes students to the world of the arts, perhaps inspiring some to become performers themselves.

The South Georgia Ballet will perform The Nutcracker this weekend in Thomasville. For information, call 229-378-2787.