Santa Paws Walk

Residents had to watch were they were walking Saturday morning, that is, if they were anywhere near Lake Ella.

Watch your step because dogs of all shapes and sizes have taken over Lake Ella. They've gathered for the tenth annual Santa Paws walk.

Between the sniffing and greeting, it looks like everyone had a great time.

Shelley Yaun, the executive director with Treats Inc., comments on the event, "We have all different types of animal people here, it's just a really neat event."

Samantha Rawls, attending the event, adds, "I hear about it every year and I've always wanted to do it and I just got riley so we decided it would be a good cause."

First timers and veterans hit the pavement, raising money for treatment resources and education for animals in temporary shelters incorporated.

Yaun adds, "It really shows people that there are animals at the shelter that they're highly adoptable they need to spay and neuter to limit the amount of animals that go there."

“Blue” is one of the many dogs up for adoption. He's cute, he's lovable, he's sweet and he's waiting for you to take him home.

Nicole Joanos, attending the event, adds, "I think it's a good idea to make it a fun event because more then likely more people will come out here then going to an animal shelter.

Many of the dogs from the Tallahassee Leon Community Animal Service Center were on hand, hoping to find new parents and a new home.

Organizers say the walk was the largest one they've had in quite some time.