Wakulla County Changes Garbage System

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Loads and loads of garbage are creating a stink in Wakulla County. Too many bags and too little space are at the heart of the problem.

Parrish Barwick, County Administrator, says, "Every community creates solid waste, its household garbage.”

But not every county is going through a growth spurt like Wakulla.

Judy Davis, a Wakulla County resident, says, "It's already got worse. I've been doing this two years now. I've seen the difference.”

They’re seeing a difference in the amount of people unloading their trash at the county landfill.

“Sometimes we have to wait; sometimes we don't.”

And soon they won't. The county is changing its garbage service. Instead of small compactors that are costly and inefficient, commissioners have approved an open-top container transport, a cheaper and easier method.

Parrish Barwick adds, "They'll no longer have to wait in lines, just put it on the floor and employees of Wakulla County will be able to handle that.”

The containers will be hauled out of the county using a tractor trailer and saving money along the way. Barwick says the transformation will cost the county more than $300,000, but an investment, he says, will pay off in the long run.