Rescue Exercise in Lowndes County

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The people of Lowndes County should feel a little safer thanks to a first of its kind emergency drill completed by local rescue crews and emergency responders from Moody Air Force Base.

Emergency crews from around Lowndes County were put to the test Wednesday, responding to a simulated bomb attack to a bus carrying airmen from Moody Air Force Base.

Rescue crews from the base and from the local community responded to see how well the different agencies worked together during the emergency.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "Moody is such an integral part of our community from a response level, seeing how they have so many resources that we can take advantage of. It’s important to have these exercises to make sure our response is what it’s supposed to be."

The exercise was designed to be as realistic as possible, with crews from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation also taking part.

Crews from Moody Air Force Base were heavily involved with the exercise and base officials are very glad to see the response, both by the military and the civilian crews.

SMSGT Edward Kuczyuski says, "Everything seemed to work pretty good, but we have evaluators for each element, and they'll evaluate their areas and we'll get together and evaluate it as a whole. But altogether, everything looked pretty good."

It’s a good looking exercise, which will now be reviewed extensively to learn what needs to be corrected or improved, all in an effort to help save lives in our region.

This is the first such exercise between Moody and Lowndes County rescue crews, and officials are hopeful it will not be the last.