Homeless Shelter Reaches Capacity on Cold Nights

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Michael Crockett works at the Tallahassee-Leon Shelter. He's preparing for what's expected to be another frigid night.

"Our numbers are normally 65 individuals per night. That includes men and women, but when it’s extremely cold like it is now we're seeing influxes between 180 and 215 a night."

Although there are other facilities in town, The Shelter Board of Directors says the Tallahassee-Leon Shelter usually serves the most people.

"As the largest shelter we always bare the brunt of the increase during the cold weather," said Grant Slayden

The shelter is always taking hygiene items as well as monetary donations. Wednesday morning Wachovia Bank donated $5,000, money that will go fast considering The Shelter doesn't turn anyone away.

"When you see a mother walk up to the door coming with everything they own and a trash bag and kids with dried tears in their eyes it’s kinda hard to say no, so our policy has always been we don't turn anyone away," said Crockett.

A facility that runs primarily on donations is looking for more help during the season when the temperatures are low and the spirit of giving is high.