Local Woman Crashes Into Airport

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As of late Wednesday afternoon the driver is fighting for her life at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The crash happened just before eight in the morning at the Tallahassee Commercial Airport on Highway 27.

FHP says 46-year-old Evelyn White of Tallahassee was speeding when she missed a curve. She slammed into mailboxes, then clipped the corner of a building, rolling her Hyundai over several times.

"We was down behind her on the way here and then we seen all the cars and people stopping and running, and it was just a mess like an explosion, debris was flying, you know," said Eugene Carr, who owns a nearby business.

Officers say a tanker truck pulled over to help, but the driver of the truck forgot to put on the parking brake and the truck continued on into some nearby woods.

The tanker truck driver is okay. The owner of the airport said he was inside the adjacent building having coffee when he was startled by the noise of the crash. He and other witnesses said it sounded like a bomb went off.