Florida Officials to Address Concerns Over Double Insurance Deductibles

State officials hope they can help Floridians socked with double insurance deductibles for this year’s hurricane season.

At least 30 homeowners have complained to the state that their insurance companies are charging them more than one deductible because their homes were damaged by more than one storm this year.

The state Department of Financial Services says a new law was supposed to ban multiple deductibles during the same hurricane season.

Tami Torres says, "It appears, however, that the statute has a start date of May first of this year, which as it turns out has resulted in people whose policies were issued between January 1 and April 30 falling through the cracks and being faced with multiple deductibles."

Lawmakers approved a $150 million fund last year to reimburse homeowners who had to pay double deductibles, and nearly $100 million of the fund is still available. Officials say they’ll try to use some of that fund to reimburse this year’s storm victims.