Child Support Crackdown Continues

A three-county roundup of deadbeat parents has resulted in more than a dozen arrests so far.

Sheriff's departments in Leon, Wakulla and Jefferson County have teamed up with the Department of Revenue to find and arrest parents who are behind on their child support and resisting court orders to pay.

There have been 13 arrests so far and about $4,000 on the table.

SGT Chris Chase, LCSO spokesman, says, "It's not to put people in jail as much as it is to get the child support paid and the get money where it needs to go to the kids. We have made 13 arrests of the 40 individuals through the three counties, which is a good number because these were folks we could not find."

A warrants officer in Jefferson County says they've even had parents who are not on the arrest list call and ask what they need to do to square their accounts after hearing about the crackdown on TV.