Governor Signs Compensation Bill

With a stroke of his pen, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush helped correct an injustice that goes back more than two decades. That’s how long Wilton Dedge spent in state prison before he was exonerated by DNA evidence, evidence that prosecutors ignored for years.

Last week the Florida Legislature voted to pay Dedge $2 million for his time behind bars, and Bush signed that bill Wednesday.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, “I think the state did the right thing by providing the monies for someone who served time and was innocent. I think it is more than appropriate. I’m just pleased that the Legislature worked on it and put together a good package.”

When asked, “What are you going to tell Mr. Dedge and his family?” Bush responded, “I'm gonna say that financial support is on the way, and on behalf of the people of the state we apologize.”

After signing the bill in Tallahassee, Bush flew to Brevard County to meet with the Dedge family and hold a ceremonial signing for the cameras.