Tallahassee Supports Danfoss-Turbocor Deal

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The motion passed four to one. The city of Tallahassee is supporting the deal to relocate Canadian company Danfoss-Turbocor to Tallahassee.

Without the city's support, the deal would've been dead and the company would have moved elsewhere.

Joseph Orosz, President of Danfoss-Turbocor, says, "I think the city made the right decision. Tallahassee has many great assets, intellectual capital that we're ready to tap into."

Leon County commissioners voted five to two against the deal Tuesday night, saying no the $3.1 million in incentives and building costs to bring the company to Leon County. They instead committed $1.6 million to developing local businesses.

Commissioner Andrew Gillum says, "Last night I think the county got it wrong."

But the no vote from the county may have created a better deal for the city, or so says Mayor John Marks. Without the county's participation, it means the city will be a majority owner of the building to be built in Innovation Park, which will be a partial owner.

But the county may not be out of the picture yet.

Mayor John Marks says, "I'll hope they'll take a second look at the information and maybe they'll decide that they might want to participate in the project with us."

It's a relief for economic development leaders who recruited the company. They were worried about the message the community would send if at this point in the ball game; both the city and county sent Danfoss-Turbocor packing.

"We're looking forward to being here, no question about it," adds the company’s president.

The company will bring 150 jobs with a $10 million payroll, an opportunity city commissioners couldn't refuse.

During the next few weeks the city and the company will work out details of the deal. The Danfoss-Turbocor president says they hope to up and operating by the summer.