Million Dollar Bust Aids Law Enforcement

A million-dollar bust by authorities leaves a pile of unclaimed cash. One Sheriff's Office will use some of that money for the good.

A routine check at the Florida agricultural inspection station on Interstate 10 in Suwannee County Saturday turned up $1 million hidden inside two compartments of a tractor-trailer.

Charles Bronson, Commissioner for the Florida Department of Agriculture, says, "Our gamma ray truck picked up the fact that something else was being hauled in. This one particular truck that was not on the manifest turned out to have a little more than a million dollars in cash, presumably drug money."

The truck driver was released because he told authorities he knew nothing of it, which leaves the money unclaimed. Now it will go to all of law enforcement agencies involved.

Tony Cameron, Suwannee County Sheriff, says, "In a small, rural county, any type of funds is a great asset, but when you have the kind of funds that could come from this, it could really help a lot."

Sheriff Cameron says Suwannee County's portion of the money will be used to buy new equipment and perhaps cars for undercover drug operations.

"It's a great feeling to know that you can supply the men who work for you and women who work for you in your agency with the kind of equipment that they truly deserve."

The sheriff says whoever tried to get away with that money is only helping him better fight the war on drugs.

The other agencies that helped with that bust are the Florida Department of Agriculture, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Federal Drug Task Force.