Ambulance Interpreter

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Ambulances with the South Georgia Medical Center noticed a reoccurring problem.

Paramedic David Bauch says, "If we have a patient call or somebody call for a patient and they didn't speak English, unless the injury was visible, we couldn't find out what the problem was."

Thanks to a new device, that's no longer a problem. It's called the Interpreter-in-a-Box, and they say it's very easy to use.

When you need the assistance of an interpreter, you simply push a button. Someone will come on the line, the medic tells them what they need, and the interpreter translates.

Bauch says, "It's a real important tool because if we can find out what the problem is on scene, then we can start the treatment then."

Before treating patients, medics need to know their health history, and any medication they're taking. They say before they received this device, treating non-English speaking patients was very difficult, and the say the number of those patients was rising.

"Unless there happened to be a family member present or someone on scene to interpret, that's what we relied on before," Bauch adds.

The Interpreter-in-a-Box can translate 70 languages and really comes in handy when medics are trying to save lives.