Death Threat Cancels School Dance

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The sheriff of Grady County says the threat may be just a prank, but says his office isn't taking it as a joke.

With the beginning of their holiday break just days away, many students at Shiver School were looking forward to Friday's school dance, a school dance that's now cancelled after the Grady County Sheriff's Office says it was called in Tuesday to investigate threatening graffiti.

Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says the message threatens students and teachers and details what weapon would be used.

"You got someone making threats, you get law enforcement involved in it and get down to the bottom of it. We take it very seriously here," he says.

Sheriff Young says the school notified students of the cancellation at a Tuesday assembly, and says his office will be stepping up their presence around campus.

CPL Daniel Singletary adds, "We're going to be stepping up patrols at the school, going in, making contact with teachers, making sure everything's ok, making them feel better to ease up."

Sheriff Young says shiver administrators interviewed several students they believed may be linked to the incident, and says writing samples collected from each were sent to the GBI crime lab in Decatur, Ga.

Sheriff Young says, "When you go back and all of a sudden you say 'it's just a prank, it's just kids telling jokes,' but that's not a joke. Anytime you threaten a terroristic threat, you take it very seriously."

The Grady County school system is declining comment on the matter until the investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says he expects to receive results from the writing samples given to GBI Friday. Sheriff Young says at that time the suspect or suspects will be turned over to the county's juvenile court.