Mayor's Motorcade

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A caravan of cars representing police, fire, and community leaders from cities all over South Georgia follows Santa Claus as he rides to southwestern state hospital in his red sleigh.

"I wouldn't miss it because it is such a ministry, such a neat thing to see all the patients at the hospital and be able to support them and given them some of the things that they would like or need for Christmas."

More than ten cities were represented in the mayor's motorcade, and hospital officials say this gesture is important to the patients.

"They're there for therapy and rehabilitation and many are alone, and it's a good thing to have someone who cares during the holiday season in anybody's life; it's a good thing."

"It's indescribable. Most of these people don't have families, so this essentially will be their Christmas, and so for them this is a huge event every year."

An event community leaders say has grown steadily every year bringing communities together to bring the Christmas spirit to those who may need it most.

Community leaders add the motorcade also participates in events throughout the year including birthdays and specials occasions.