Georgia Deer Season Wrapping Up

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Hunters only get four months a year in which they can claim deer as their trophies, and in Georgia, rangers say hunters can only kill two bucks and 10 does.

Rangers say this season has been a good one so far.

Ranger Mark Carson from the Department of Natural Resources says, "When the cold snap come right after Thanksgiving people started coming out and you see a good many people hunting now."

Local deer processor Gary Hubbard says this season has been exceptionally busy for his business processing more than 1,300 deer.

Gary says, "It's been one of the top four years out of 14 years that we've been doing this."

Ranger Carson says this season has also brought problems with illegal hunting, especially night hunting.

Ranger Carson says, "You can lose your hunter's license up to two years depending on the violation."

For the next two weeks Ranger Carson says he expects an increase in hunting as people try one last time to catch that one last deer. He only hopes that hunters enjoy the sport, but abide by the rules.

Deer hunting season in Georgia's southern zone officially ends January 15. The next hunting season starts in October.