Online Teacher Database

A local teacher is making a difference around the world without even leaving the comfort of her classroom.

Vicki Huston teaches fourth grade at Chaires Elementary and is now receiving national recognition. She submitted teaching tips to an online magazine and soon thousands of teachers will be able to learn from her lesson plans.

Huston says, "It was very rewarding, I got a rush when I found out that I was going to be selected to have my article on this newsletter that was going to be sent out to teachers all over the world."

Huston says this is the first time she submitted tips to the magazine. With one click of the mouse, Huston's lesson plan, intended to help her fourth grade class, can assist hundreds of thousands of students.

Principal Christi Moss thinks the Internet publishing is a great opportunity for teachers to interact and share ideas for the classroom.

Principal Moss says, "Teachers get on these computers in their own time in the evening and during their planning time and share resources and research different resources. It's really amazing that a teacher in California will pick up Vicki's tip and use it in their classroom."

With the ever growing popularity of the Internet, sharing these lesson plans allows teachers to work together towards one goal.

Huston's tips are expected to be in the January edition of "Making the Difference."