Woman Suspected of Fraud in Seven States

FDLE agents say it's taken three years, but they say they have finally caught up with a key player in a multi-state fraud ring.

Katherine Ann Bell is under arrest in North Carolina. Police says she has at least 16 aliases and moved from place to place to stay ahead of the law.

They say Bell did have an account at the TMH Credit Union in Tallahassee and used its routing numbers to pass bogus checks all over the southeast.

Phil Kiracofe, FDLE spokesperson, says, "She's been victimizing businesses, at least 130 different businesses from Texas to Maryland and every place in between, somewhere to the tune of better than $90,000 that we know of. There's probably a substantial amount more than that."

Bell is facing a nine-count federal indictment and will ultimately be brought to Tallahassee to face charges.

TMH Credit Union vice president Dorothy Daniels says they're glad bell is finally behind bars. They've been working with Dougherty County deputies and FDLE agents for three years to try to catch her.