Florida State University 2005 Fall Graduation

Close to 1,500 students filed into the Civic Center Saturday morning for the fall 2005 Florida State University Commencement ceremony.

Many of the graduates sacrificed nights of sleep to get where they are. Walking across the stage they are the fall 2005 graduates of Florida State University. With a flip of a tassel, a whole new life lies in front of them, a future full of uncertainties.

Grant Sheehan, a business school graduate, comments on his future, "I have no idea. It's kind of a scary feeling, but at the same time I'm excited. It's the thrill of the unknown."

Bryan Mills, getting a masters in accounting, adds, "I'm ready to move on to the next stage of my life, but there's always a part of me that's going to miss college life."

Giving up college life and venturing into the "real world" can be a difficult transition, but these graduates will have their memories to help get them through those tough times.

Mills adds, "You can't put it down to one thing. I'd have to say the football games of course, it's Florida State."

Sheehan says, "Oh, the games! Every Saturday I was there, cheering on, doing the chop, everything like that."

These students may be remembering the football games, but family and friends are proud to see them graduate.

Gill Autrey, the stepfather of a graduate, said, "Not many people in my family got a college degree, so I'm really proud to be part of this and that fact that he worked so hard and done so well he's really to be commended."

These graduates now hold the honorable title of alumni of Florida State University. During the ceremony FSU gave an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to Seminole Tribe of Florida member Mr. James Shore.