Cold Weather Preps

There are some precautions you should take these cold winter nights.

The cold weather is here, but people are not the only ones feeling the chill. Local experts say along with humans, plants need protecting too as the mercury drops.

Cathy Peters, a local horticulturist, has some advice.

"If tropical plants, it'd be good for them to bring them in if temperatures go below 40 degrees and they may want to keep those in for the wintertime."

Bring plants indoors when it gets really cold outside, but what about when you can't bring them in?

Peters adds, "The best thing is to cover plants that are in the ground like citrus with a frost blanket or some other cover that can go all the way to the ground."

While checking on your plants, animal service specialists say you should also check on your pets.

Jessica Wallace, an animal service specialist, says, "Normally when you’re hot they're hotter, so just ‘cause we're warm doesn't mean they are."

Experts add when dishing out dinner make sure your pets have plenty of food. Animals eat more in the colder months to help regulate their body temperature.

Wallace adds, "You want to check if you have outside dogs you want to make sure their water is not frozen. A lot of times they can get dehydrated."

If you are not bringing you pets in during the colder months, animal specialists say the most important thing is to make sure they have adequate shelter.